10 Key Social media history dates helps you to understand that many things were taking place way before Six Degrees was launched in 1997.

The Bear Necessities of Social Media: A Journey Through Time

Hey, fellow digital denizens! It’s your furriest influencer, Bobby the Bear, here to take you on a whimsical romp through the annals of social media history – before social media was even a twinkle in the internet’s eye! So grab your favorite snack (honey for me, please!), and let’s time-travel!

1. Ancient Egypt, 3000 BC: The First ‘Story’

Imagine Pharaoh Ramses II, the original trendsetter, painting his day-to-day life on pyramid walls. He was way ahead of the 24-hour story concept but couldn’t figure out why his art kept disappearing. #AncientSnapchatStruggles

2. Roman Empire, 44 BC: Character Limits in Antiquity

Poor Julius Caesar! His last words were more than just “Et tu, Brute?” but thanks to early character limits, we’ll never know the full scoop. Maybe it was something like, “Et tu, Brute? Also, could you feed my cat while I’m gone?”

3. Medieval Europe, 1096: Knightly Selfie Struggles

The First Crusade’s start was stalled by knights trying to nail the perfect armor selfie for Ye Olde Instagramme. Talk about priorities, right? #MedievalFilterNeeded

4. Renaissance, 1500s: Mona Lisa’s Lackluster Launch

Da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” initially didn’t get the traction he hoped for on The Florentine Feed. Maybe if she’d smiled a bit more? #RenaissanceInfluencerProblems

5. Colonial America, 1773: The Boston Tea Party RSVP Fiasco

This pivotal event in American history was almost a no-go due to low RSVPs on ColonialBook. Good thing a last-minute event reminder was sent out! #RevolutionaryPartyPlanning

6. Industrial Revolution, 1830s: Queen Victoria, Steam Engine Influencer

The first influencer marketing campaign starred Queen Victoria endorsing steam engines. Suddenly, everyone needed a top hat. #VictorianInfluencerGoals

7. Wild West, 1881: Live-Tweeting the OK Corral

Doc Holliday could have used some lessons in spoiler etiquette when he live-tweeted the famous gunfight. #WildWestSpoilers

8. Roaring Twenties, 1920s: The First Failed Viral Dance

Flappers’ attempts at going viral with a dance challenge were doomed without video tech. Just think of the TikTok potential! #VintageViralFail

9. World War II, 1940s: The Enigma of User Agreements

Turns out, the Enigma machine was just trying to create a user agreement that no one could crack. #WWIITermsAndConditions

10. Moon Landing, 1969: Neil Armstrong’s Autocorrect Blunder

“One small step for man, one mall stop for man”? Autocorrect in space can be a real pain. #LunarTypo

And there you have it, folks – a bear’s take on the quirky what-ifs of social media history. Remember, whether you’re a pharaoh or a flapper, it’s all about making your mark, one paw print at a time. Until next time, keep roaring through the digital jungle!

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10 Key Social Media History Dates

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