Thank you for supporting Bobby the Bear

Bobby the Bear Films! A fantastic four-day shoot in Las Vegas. Film now in post-production.

This film follows the story of Bobby the Bear from no-bear to Bearfluencer and is set in Las Vegas where he’s about to give his big, giant, super, keynote HoneyTalk!

Next Film – Europe – Spy Movie

This adventure takes place during the Christmas markets in Budapest, Vienna, and Prague. Bobby has been recruited to be a spy.

You can jump in for funding the second film.

Film perks include

  • Name in the credits
  • Name in the film – you’ll be a suspect in the mystery
  • Copy of the book “Social Media Does Not Have to Suck: 7 Steps to Making Honey on Social Media”
  • Personalized Bobby the Bear shot out
  • Product placement

Pre-order the book now! 7 Steps to Making Honey on Social Media

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Showing all 12 results