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7 Steps to Making Honey on Social Media (Book)

There are steps people can take to understand better how to reach their target audience. We’ll be expanding on them in the book “7 Steps to Making Honey on Social Media” by Bobby the Bear.

  • Contains the 7 Steps to Making Honey on Social Media
  • 5 Key elements for each of the 7 steps
  • 3 Bonus workbook exercises for each step
  • Includes 28 Business Bees to pay attention to for growing your social media business
  • One month direct email/text support included- ask any question you have about something in the book via email. Could be something you agree with, disagree upon, or may just need some clarification on ($10 value included)
  • A section on content creation and production process
  • Finance suggestions for your social media business
  • Sales structures and tips to grow your social media business
  • Marketing tips with ways to grow your online and offline social media business
  • Customer service strategies for retention
  • The importance of product/service diversification for creating honey via social media

The book also comes with 30-days of reader support. This allows you to ask the author any questions via text or email.

Let’s say there is something you strongly agree with and are curious about how to take it to the next level. All you do is send an email or text and the team gets back to you with an answer.

Maybe you disagree with one of the concepts, then send us your perspective. Maybe you’ll change our mind, we might change yours, or we can just agree to disagree.

And what if you need something clarified? That’s also a perfect reason to send us an email or text.

You may purchase additional months as need. You can also get a 17% or 25% discount for purchasing 6-months or 1-year of support.

We’ve removed the excuses for you to gain access to our consulting services base on price. The book is $19.99. Additional months of support are $10.

Social Media Doesn’t Have to Suck! Bobby the Bear Movie Trailer #1 (2020)

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Social media content creation, development, strategy, distribution, and the monetization does not magically happen.


Remember all services come with a 100% Honey Back Guarantee.

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