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Social media content creation, development, strategy, distribution, and monetization does not magically happen.

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7 Steps to Making Honey on Social Media (Book)

There are steps people can take to understand better how to reach their target audience. We’ll be expanding on them in the book “7 Steps to Making Honey on Social Media” by Bobby the Bear. You can preorder the book today.

This is $12.99 that will forever change the way you look at social media.

Show Me the Honey! 11 Tools to grow your social media sales in 2020

90-Day business services support package for solopreneurs, startups, and small business owners designed to increase revenues and awareness.

We are bringing high-end business consulting to you at an affordable price.

Each 90-Day package includes the 11 powerful tools to grow your business today and tomorrow.

  • 3 hours of private sessions
  • Sales system analysis
  • Pricing analysis
  • Product/Service mix analysis
  • Target customer demo analysis
  • Quarterly sales targets
  • Quarterly marketing targets
  • Email support – any question – anytime
  • Company valuations (How much is your company worth today?)
  • Strategic partner identifications and introductions
  • Emergency phone support


The regular quarterly price is $1499.

Special price is $999. Grow your business for $76.85 per week. That’s $10.98 per day!

Content Creation (SOLD OUT) New classes starting in January 2020

For solopreneurs, it is vital to gain access to valuable information at the best prices possible. Bobby the Bear, offers a six-week intensive content creation course to accomplish that very goal.

This process is beneficial in finding the identification of your point of view — a perspective designed to connect with an audience who will want to buy products and services for you.


Bobby the Bear Films! A fantastic four-day shoot in Las Vegas. Film now in post-production. Looking forward to the European shoot in December!

This film follows the story of Bobby the Bear from no-bear to Bearfluencer and is set in Las Vegas where he’s about to give his big, giant, super, keynote HoneyTalk!

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