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Bobby the Bear is blogging again – read the most recent posts here. New ones every week. Sometimes more than one!

Bobby the Bear can help take your social media content game to the next level. Are you looking to monetize your content? Do you need an intensive course on creating content for a beginner? Are you an advanced content creator, wanting to go to the next level? We have you covered!

Bobby the Bear Films! A fantastic four-day shoot in Las Vegas. Film now in post-production. Looking forward to the European shoot in December!

This film follows the story of Bobby the Bear from no-bear to Bearfluencer and is set in Las Vegas where he’s about to give his big, giant, super, keynote HoneyTalk!

Next Film – Europe – Spy Movie

This adventure takes place during the Christmas markets in Budapest, Vienna, and Prague. Bobby has been recruited to be a spy.

You can jump in for funding the second film.

Film perks include

  • Name in the credits
  • Name in the film – you’ll be a suspect in the mystery
  • Copy of the book “Social Media Does Not Have to Suck: 7 Steps to Making Honey on Social Media”
  • Personalized Bobby the Bear shot out
  • Product placement

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Showing 1–12 of 14 results