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Summer LinkedIn Boost Stay Sharp and Shine Bright!

Summer can be a challenging time for maintaining a strong LinkedIn presence. It’s easy to let your profile slide just when you need to step up your game. Remember, the effort you put into your LinkedIn during these sunny months can set the stage for an outstanding year-end performance.

So, let’s shake off the summer slack and make sure your LinkedIn profile is shining as bright as the sun!

Unleash the Power of the Bear Essentials in Social Media

In the vast wilderness of social media, thriving doesn’t just come from posting—it comes from understanding, analyzing, and evolving. At Bearfluencer, we equip you with the three cardinal bear necessities to not just navigate, but dominate the digital forest.

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Grizzly Day Pass


The best way to get started with a fresh outside perspective

1 hour private session

Content analysis of 5 social media posts

Understanding your metrics

Big Bear Weekly Pass


The best way to revamp an active strategy

8 hours of private sessions

Content analysis of 50 social media posts

Understanding your metrics and setting financial targets

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Bear Den Monthly Pass


For serious companies in need of an outside perspective.

32 hours of private sessions

Unlimited analysis of social media posts from the last 90 days

Financial modeling for your social media metrics

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The Scout’s Gaze: Outside Perspective on Your Strategy

Even the sharpest claws need a compass. Gain an external perspective with our strategic insights to steer your campaign to new heights. Our Bear Scouts don’t just look at what’s ahead but also uncover the paths less trodden that can take your strategy from good to great.

The Heartbeat Tracker: Emotional Content Analysis

Connect on a primal level. Our Heartbeat Tracker dives into what resonates emotionally with your audience, sorting the honey from the traps. Understand the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ of audience reactions to refine your content and create impactful, memorable engagements.

The Salmon Run Metrics: A Custom Metric System

Navigating the river of data can be as challenging as a salmon run.

Customize your metric system with us to leap towards measurable success. Track what matters most and discard the redundant, ensuring every piece of data serves your journey upstream.

More about Bobby

In case you don’t know, Bobby the Bear has been generating revenues from social media platforms like LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook for over 6 years.

Bobby the Bear Social Media

Let’s be real.

If a stuffed bear can do it – you can do it, too!

Equally important most people go through a variety of phases when it comes to creating social media content.

  • Being too afraid of what others think
  • Overthinking content
  • Trying to get the content perfect
  • Creating a persona versus just being themselves
  • Not integrating who they are outside of work
  • Not creating original content that separates them away from the competition
  • An unwillingness to get out of their comfort zone
  • Not changing with the platforms

Social Media Strategies that work