Holiday Messages

Bobby the Bear holiday videos are now available. Delivering holiday messages – now that the SAG/AFTRA strike is over.

Bobby the Bear Holiday Videos Order Now!

Some video ideas

Well, gather ’round the campfire, folks, ’cause here are some paws-itively hilarious reasons and scenarios for you to order a personalized Bobby the Bear video:

  1. The Honey-Do List: Your partner has been neglecting the chores? Send them a message from me, and I’ll bear-ate them into action with a grin!
  2. The Bear-thday Surprise: Know someone who’s getting older and grizzlier? I’ll help them embrace their inner bear with a birthday growl and a reminder that age is just a number, especially in bear years.
  3. The Salmon Promotion: Celebrate your co-worker’s promotion by sending a video of me doing the salmon dance—because nothing says “congrats on moving up the river” quite like a dancing bear.
  4. The Bear-ginning of Friendship: Make a new friend? Seal the deal with a personalized greeting from yours truly. It’s like a friendship bracelet, but furrier.
  5. Cub’s First Roar: For the little ones, I’ll send a message that’ll teach them how to let out their first bear roar – it’s cuter than a bear cub with a butterfly!
  6. The Apawlogy: Need to say sorry? Let me do the talking. I’m excellent at bear-y heartfelt apologies, complete with sad bear eyes and droopy ears.
  7. Bear-liday Wishes: Spice up the holiday cards with a video message from me! Why send a plain old card when you could send a bear in a Santa hat?
  8. The Roar-mantic Gesture: Trying to woo someone special? I’ll help you bear your heart with a love message that’s sure to get a giggle and maybe even a date!
  9. The Bear Dare: Got a friend who needs a little push to do something adventurous? I’m the bear for the job, ready to dare them in the most bear-rific way possible.
  10. Bear-well and Good Luck: Say goodbye to a departing colleague or friend with a bear-sized wish of good luck. It’s like a warm bear hug they can replay over and over.

Every message is a chance to make someone’s day un-bear-ably awesome. So don’t pause; let’s get growling with those orders! 🎬🐾

The SAG/AFTRA strike is over

Attention all forest dwellers and digital explorers! The bearrier has been lifted, and Bobby the Bear is back in action, ready to deliver bear-sonalized messages to your den! Whether you’re looking to send a bear hug to a friend, a roar to a family member, a growl to a co-worker, or a cub’s tale to a kiddo, I’ve got you covered.

Post-strike, our hive is buzzing with excitement, and I’m clawing at the chance to help you celebrate the holidays. Bear in mind, a message from Bobby can turn any ordinary day into a festive frolic in the woods. So, don’t hibernate on this opportunity! Place your orders now and let’s make the season unbearably special with a touch of bear-fluence. No more growling bellies from the strike—let’s feast on joy and jolly! 🐻🎉