2023 Bearfluencer Award Winners

2023 Bearfluencer Awards

2023 Bearfluencer Awards. It is that time of year when we announce the people and companies that we think are doing things right on social media. Daily we will sprinkle a few winners across platforms. We will add them to this list.

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We refuse to refer to it as X.

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2023 Bearfluencer Awards

Bearfluencer Awards

What are they?

How do I get one?

Well, let’s say it is our annual way of recognizing people who create interesting, smart, focused, and fun content. We don’t care about the number of followers you have. Because, we are big believers in smaller rather than larger audiences on social media.

Let’s be real going viral is fun, but it rarely makes a positive difference. The truth is most people go viral now for doing stupid things or stupid stunts? Where’s the value in that approach?

To be fair when YouTube started one of the original stars was a hamster live streaming in a hamster wheel. So, let that sink in.

You get one if we like your content.