The LinkedIn/Facebook Content Style Debate

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This survey was the first of four that we did during the first half of 2019. There remains a lingering debate about what type of content is or is not appropriate for LinkedIn.

The debate focuses on the area of professionalism. The challenge is that term is entirely subjective based on age, gender, and a variety of other factors.

The general consensus was that a total of was that 75.38% or nearly 8 out of 10 people did not have a problem with people posting socially engaging content on LinkedIn.

How we got, there was simply the 55.38% were about posting whatever you want, and the 24.62 have a desire for business only content. We added the 8.46% that had no opinion into 55.38% because those responses were not defining themselves as the business only content group.

The 11.54% also got added in because their more in-depth answers only placed limits on the types of content based on religion or politics.

Business only style content creators should be cautious. There is nothing wrong with using this style of content. However, it is essential to remember you’re in the minority.

Meaning the more one rants and raves about how LinkedIn should be business only content, the more damage they cause to themselves because they are blaming or shaming the other style.

Be inclusive and find creative ways to bring them into your content.

Now, the issue becomes is there a difference between gender, age, if a person is a content creator versus reader/viewer, and do they spend more time on LinkedIn or Facebook.

Let’s take a look at gender, demographics, potential content creator bias, and finally, whether they spend more time on LinkedIn or Facebook.

When it comes to gender there is a difference toward business only content with men coming in at nearly 30% desiring business only and women dropping down to 20%.

Do demographics make a difference? Very much so and interestingly because 25-34-year-olds are the second highest demo wanting business only but at the same time the most top wanting social. The most upper target demo wanting business only at 32.61% is the 45-54-year-olds.

Note the age demographic caring the least about a business only content is the 55-64 year range.

The demo caring the 2nd least about a business only content is the 35-44-year-old.

This data helps you to refine your content approach based on target demographics.

Is there a potential content creator bias? Absolutely!

Here is where the data gets a bit interesting. When it comes to readers versus content creators, 44.74% desire business only content, and 65.80% are okay with social style.

Meaning content creators have to be mindful of their bias. Do you want to be more social with your audience or other content creators?

Last but not least, does our dominant social media platform make a difference? The answer – yes and not in the way you would think.

Dominant Facebook users desire business only content higher than LinkedIn users- 30.77% to 21.51%

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