Special People Page

Additional Hourly Content Sessions

These are private one hour sessions.


Thanks to you the private content creation, development, monetization, and strategy sessions have sold out until April 2020. These are limited to 10 hours per week. Because of you either grabbing a film perk or a session you have access to these sessions. Everyone else has to pay the $250 rate. This page is for you.

If you have not booked your film perks please do so using this calendar – https://calendly.com/bobbythebear/smdnhts

Some dates may change based on travel plans.

This calendar is showing availability between now and January 1, 2020.

If you do not see a day or time slot that works for you please email me a message roger@ygetarts.com

For the most part, we will end available slots around Thanksgiving week as we prep for the second film shoot during December.