Bobby the Bear Films

Well, we can’t contain the excitement any longer. In addition to the Las Vegas film. There are now two more Bobby the Bear films in pre-production. Making for a total of three short films designed for film festivals and direct distribution.

From NoBear to Bearfluencer (Las Vegas: Summer 2019) POST PRODUCTION

This short film covers the meteoric social media rise of Bobby the Bear from living in a basket to making it big as a social media influencer, who is about to give a major HoneyTalk in Las Vegas.

Bobby the Bear Spy Film (Winter: 2020) SHOOTING NOW

This short film covers what happens to Bobby after giving a successful speech in Las Vegas. He gets recruited to be an international spy.

Bobby the Bear in Love (Summer: 2021) PRE-PRODUCTION

This short film covers what happens to Bobby the Bear when he needs to detach from working too much. Plus, he finds love along the way.