7 Steps to Making Honey on Social Media: Social Media Doesn’t Have to Suck! (Book)


Bobby the Bear’s book – coming before January 1, 2020

  • Contains the 7 Steps to Making Honey on Social Media
  • 5 Key elements for each of the 7 steps
  • 3 Bonus workbook exercises for each step
  • Includes 28 Business Bees to pay attention to for growing your social media business
  • One month direct email/text support included- ask any question you have about something in the book via email. Could be something you agree with, disagree upon, or may just need some clarification on ($10 value included)
  • A section on content creation and production process
  • Finance suggestions for your social media business
  • Sales structures and tips to grow your social media business
  • Marketing tips with ways to grow your online and offline social media business
  • Customer service strategies for retention
  • The importance of product/service diversification for creating honey via social media


It contains the “7 Steps to Making Honey on Social Media!”


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