Monetization Sessions

Monetizing social media content is just as critical, may even more so, as understanding the cash flow of real-world products and services.

If we don’t have a monetization target in place before launching content, it will not magically materialize. The vagueness of what we are trying to achieve, accomplish, inspire, impact, will be lost on the audience.

We are here to serve the audience because they compensate us.

Once we have customers, then they will tell us what other products and services they desire. We can create those. However, we need the customers first.

If we’re trying to leapfrog a job search outside of the traditional CV/Resume process, we even need to be more clear of our targets wants and needs because there are fewer buyers since we’re trying to target one job — one new employer.

This package covers two hours of private conversations about your monetization strategy. We then follow up with an actionable plan and tracking systems to monitor and achieve those goals.

Remember, there are two ways one tends to monetize on social media. They are targeting a new job or trying to attract clients.

However, the monetization of this stays the same. We need to identify the target audience, the content needs of that audience, tracking of leads, the closing of sales (or securing the job at a target salary range).

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