Film Perks – Private Sessions – Private Page

This is where you can grab the $75 private session GoFundMe perks before they run out.

$75 Special Rate for 2 Hours

This is the perk for the film Social Media Does Not Have to Suck. There is a limited amount of these perks available.


The normal hourly rate is $100. The discounted rate is $75 for 2 hours. A $200 value.

Meaning you save $125 per perk.

Your hourly rate on these perks becomes $37.50 versus $100

If you know your wanting to do a monthly session to either cover content creation, production, distribution, strategy, analysis, or monetization each perk would represent two months.

Meaning if you want a monthly from March through December then grab 5 perks because of that equalling 10 hours. There are of course 10 months between those dates.

The inventory on these private slots for 2019 is 10 hours per week.

There is a limited number of these perks available.

If you have any questions email roger @