Content Creation Weekly Call – Confirmed

Thank you for booking your slot. Each week the call is limited to eleven (11) people. You’ve been directed to this page because you have successfully registered for the event.

We will see you on the Zoom call. Thank you!

Film Perks – 2 Hours for $75. $200 value.

Private Sessions Perk

This is a limited two sessions for the price of $75 perk.


Remember there are still a few private training perks left via the GoFundMe Film perks. You can get two hours of private sessions for $75. That brings the hourly price down to $37.50 from $100. Grab some now.

Here are a few other perks only available on this page.

Pre-order Social Media Doesn’t Have to Suck!

At the discounted price of $4.99 between now and April 15th. Then the advance price goes up to $7.99. You will be allowed to ask a question about social media. The answer to that question and your name or the name of your company will be included in the book!

Support the Bobby the Bear Film – Social Media Does Not Have to Suck! + Bonus Webinars [This perk is only available on this confirmation page]

Special March Bonus – I’ll also throw in 3 2019 BEARinar passes for the year.

$25 donation – gets you a personalized shout out and a monetization review of your social media content. Value $125

$100 donation – Gets you two hours of private training and a personalized Bobby the Bear promotional shoutout for a company product/service. Value $275.

$500 donation – gets you 10 hours of private social media content creation, development, training, strategy, analysis, and/or monetization. A personalized Bobby the Bear promotional shoutout for three company products/services. Value $1225