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Limiting BEARliefs – Get Rid of Them!

Limiting BEARliefs can destroy great business ideas before they even get started.

I was talking to a friend of mine from New Zealand today a bit about Social Media and his business.

No, he’s not a hobbit. Everyone from New Zealand isn’t a hobbit.

He’s doing a great job building a business but was slightly confused about what to do on Social Media. This is pretty normal because let’s face it – social media isn’t easy. It is complicated, ever changing, and something that worked yesterday may be useless today.

I really enjoyed the chat and the main thing I wanted him to walk away with was the concept of not buying into his own limiting BEARliefs.

Guess what – if we believe that we won’t be successful – we probably won’t be successful.

If we believe that we can be successful – then at least we have a shot.

Don’t get me wrong. That doesn’t guarantee that we will be a success. Heck, we might even fail hard but guess what – it will be a failure that we can own. We will have at least tried. Where as if we buy into our limiting BEARliefs – we won’t even try. We’ll just sit on the coach until we can’t pay rent and have to sell the couch.

Being a business owner isn’t easy. It has its ups and downs. That’s life. Don’t add limiting BEARliefs to your list of troubles.

What are some of your limiting BEARliefs? Put them in the comments because I’m curious.

Limiting BEARliefs stop you from succeeding in business.
Limiting BEARliefs don’t even give an idea a chance at survival, let alone thriving.

I think I’ll have to include this in one of the chapter’s of my book – Social Media Doesn’t Have to Suck!

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Don’t forget to catch up on Bobby the Bear’s video at his YouTube channel.

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Holy crap! It is 2019.

That means humans are running around telling people about their New Year’s resolutions.

That’s going to make many of you to want to run away from those conversations.

How many times can you listen to a friend saying that they’re going to do something and then they don’t?

As a bear, we don’t have to worry about these things because we focus on hibernation over the New Year’s holiday. Then when we wake up we forget about what we were going to do. With that in mind, I figured I’d start journaling not only for my friends and fans – but to remember what I’m going to do when I awake from the break.

Well, I do know it is a busy year ahead.

It looks like the actual film production will take place in Las Vegas during May and June. That’s very exciting. There certainly is a lot of prep work to do before the shoot begins. We also have to raise some money in the GoFundMe to make sure we can cover the initial production expenses. I’m thanking you in advance for your help. You can visit the GoFundMe page or use the $25 donation increments on this site. Every donation helps.


I am enjoying some time off of social media. It can become overwhelming if we feel that we have to keep up with every single notification. That’s just simply an impossible task. It is fairly amazing how dependent humans are on social media. It is an excellent tool and we all have to remember that it Does Not Have to Suck!