7 Steps to Making Honey!

Social media isn’t easy.

It isn’t that hard, either.

Even a Bear can make things happen.

Here’s a brief guide to the “7 Steps to Making Honey!” that will be featured in greater detail in the book.

1. BEAR Yourself

Sounds simple, but there is only one version of you – so be that. Don’t try to be anyone else.

2. Be BEARlievable

If people don’t trust you or enjoy your work,  they will find someone else to trust and enjoy.

3. Be a Consistent BEAR

This one is so often overlooked. Show up when you want to and, even more important, when you don’t want to. Don’t be the person who detaches and then says, “I’m back!”

That just kills any trust or enjoyment that has been built up and your audience will feel abandoned.

4. BEARing Value

Have something to offer. Give until it hurts. And then give just a little bit more.

5. EmBEARace Change

Don’t every try to figure out a social media algorithm. It isn’t something that can be gamed. Get far away from people who tell others they’ve figured it out. Even the people making the algorithm haven’t it figured out. That’s why the algorithm changes.

6. BEARild Your Audience – not Your Brand

This is where so many people miss the point. They focus on making a name for themselves instead of on being of service to their audience. Our audience pays us and we work for them. It is our job to be of service and to be grateful.

7. BEARlieve in Yourself

Nobody said  it would be easy. There will be ups. There will be downs. Always believe in yourself. Make sure you have a solid circle of close friends. Learn, grow, and have fun.

Coming Summer 2019