3.5 Things To Do Today To Make More Honey on Social Media in 2020

  1. Focus on the real world over online
  2. Understand who our customer is and who they are not
  3. Don’t play small

.5 Save 5% of all topline revenues generated for the next six months – then do something fun for yourself.

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Focus on the real world over online

Let’s look at the numbers. According to population.io there are 7.689 billion-plus people alive in the real world. New ones being born every second.

Statista (another fun site) shows us that 4.333 billion are active internet users. 7.689 (100%) – 4.333 (56%)= 3.360 (44%)

Here are three actionable takeaways to increase your topline revenues for 2020.

First, from a helicopter view, the numbers look like there are more people online than offline. Makes sense right 56% is higher than 44%. However, 3.360 billion people not online are no small number. Ask yourself what action are you taking consistently to reach out to people who are not online? Because many of them are not online for a few reasons – because they’re swamped doing deals.

Second, what could you do to get some of your online connections into a real-world setting? This tactic might be as simple as small, focused casual meeting over coffee, tea, drinks, or food. Think of your connections, who would be fun to have a dinner party? Make that happen.

Third, let the numbers remind you that there is always more business out there for you. This tactic is a mindset shift and gets you away from people who may be wasting your time because they’re never going to buy from you.

That very point rolls into the second smart tactic.

Understand who our customer is and who they are not

Everyone is not our customer. So, why are we talking to everyone in our content?

Most likely because we haven’t gotten super bright on who are buyers are. You know the ones who take money from their accounts and put it into our pockets.

Statista also gives us some interesting data about online buyers 2.14 billion are digital buyers. Wait a second?

4.333 (people online) – 2.14 (people buying online) = 2.19 (51% of people online are not buyers)

Here are three actionable tactics

First, this changes the initial data point from being more people online than offline. That is no longer true. There are actually on 2.14 billion people buying online. The others are just looking or don’t have money to spend. Use this as a data point to remind ourselves – there are more opportunities in the real world. Let’s not lose those just because being online is more fun or seems easier.

Second, start asking our customers about what they feel comfortable with buying online. Also, go more in-depth and ask them what they don’t feel comfortable buying. It will surprise you.

Many of our clients like us to invoice them via Paypal or want to pay using a credit card at our sites for items over $5,000. Why? Well, think about it because most of them are earning points when they do just that. Points they will use for hotels, airline tickets, or gifts.

Last but not least, use this information to remind ourselves never to stay stuck and that there is always more business to get by taking actions online and offline.

Don’t play small

Our friends at Investopedia let us know that we might already be in the 1% of global worldwide. Oops, that would take away so many excuses.

That’s right! If we’re makingĀ an income of $32,400 a year by income standards we are in the 1%

First, let that number sober us up a bit. It is a very achievable number for most of us reading this information. Hell, most of us have probably already hit that number. We are doing better than most – even though we may not be able to see it or feel it.

Second, if we’re dealing with a pile of debt or struggling to get started writing down that number $32,400, let that be the minimum amount of salary that we’ll pay for ourselves. It will help us to get out of any victim mode.

Third, if we’ve already made that number, then why are we hoarding? Why aren’t we helping to lift others? Don’t slip into selfish and self-centered mode just because there are a few extra digits in the bank account. What can we do to help others today? Let’s help them for fun and for free! How can we give back? We certainly didn’t get to any level of success by ourselves.


Save 3.5% of all topline revenues generated for the next six months – then do something fun for yourself.

The gift could be taking a vacation and splurging on an expensive gift. It could be a spa weekend. An adventure during the middle of the week. A new phone or laptop. The main thing is that it is for you!

The main thing is it creates a discipline of saving and rewarding.

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