Yes, you do care about what others think!

We see this advice thrown around on social media to not care about what others think.

It’s a bunch of bear crap.

I understand where it comes from when it pertains to trolls and haters.

I don’t think we should give any thought to them.

Trolls are, of course, in the minority and have a combination of too much free time and some mental disorder. Plus, their attention-seeking vampires trying to feed off successful people.

However, we’re wired to care.

As a child, we care about what our parents think of us for three apparent reasons.

  1. We want our parents to love us
  2. We also want them to feed us
  3. We also need that roof over our head

It would be impossible to spend that much time in our developing years caring about what not only our parents and siblings think, but our friends and potential friends out there in the real world.

The idea that as an adult, we can turn this programming off – is crazy.

  • Don’t confuse disagreement with not caring
  • Don’t confuse a dysfunctional upbringing with not caring
  • Don’t confuse friends with the entire online world population

Of course, I care what you think – if you are close to me – in the real world.

In the online world, I could care less – until you’re a customer. Then I care quite a bit.

I, of course, want to make sure that you’re satisfied. I want your feedback good, bad, and everything in between.

Don’t think that putting up the fake wall of “saying that we don’t care” will protect us from anything.

Not only do we care. We want to connect with customers that care. We want to be of service to them.

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