Lose 5 Pounds or 2.26796 Kilos This Week – Guaranteed

Are you challenged with additional weight? Did your trainer file a restraining order against you? Is your nutritionist blocking your calls and SMS messages? Did you buy a new scale only to find out, you’re coming in at the same weight.

As a Bear, we don’t get fat shamed. We get skinny shamed. Making weight loss the opposite problem from humans. Why? Well, we have our automatic weight loss program – hibernation.

Humans, on the other hand, have another challenge. They have feelings or thoughts.

These things can weigh heavily on people and let’s face it; losing weight is not easy.

A Google search for “lose weight” generates 1,360,000 + results in less than .89 seconds.

The search volume is 135,000 a month.

So, how can a human lose five pounds or 2.26796 kilos this week – if you’re human.


Make a decision.

Indecision can add about 5 pounds of weight and mental stress that can quickly go away once a decision gets made.

Are you having trouble making a decision?

Well, try this process.

  1. Write out the problem your facing. There’s a vast difference between seeing that challenge on paper versus in our head. Some issues on paper will automatically appear smaller. We’ll see them in perspective and reduce our level of worrying about them. Other problems will be more significant on paper and snap us out of denial.
  2. Sit with the problem for a specific amount of time. This tactic is about accepting and honoring our challenge. Oh, and it helps us to set a deadline.
  3. Remember, there are typically three outcomes of any decision. Positive, negative, and neutral. Two out of three of those are good. If we have made the wrong choice, then we adjust.
  4. Make a decision and go with it. The only guaranteed lousy choice is not to make one at all.

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