My Paws Hurt – from writing

My Bear friends always made fun of me for being a talking bear. They would just make funny faces. I could never tell if they were jealous that I could talk or just trying to tell me something.

The truth is we’re all different. Just because I’m a talking bear doesn’t mean I’m any better than those that can’t talk. We’re just different. I’ve never understood jealousy or envy to well.

My friend explained to me the differences.

It is funny that envy has a definition of “to bear a grudge towards someone due to coveting what that person has or enjoys.”

Those are some big words, but I laugh that bear is in the definition. What it really comes down to is that we want what they have but we don’t wish anything bad to happen to that person. We just wish we had it and most likely because we think our life would be better if we did.

The good news with envy is that we can use it as a starting point to find out what we think we want or need. Now, we may get it and find out that it didn’t have the benefits our mind told us it would. You see this with people that think money will solve all of their problems. The money will solve money problems. Nothing wrong with money. Just important to remember money isn’t the answer to all problems.

Jealousy. Now that is a different story altogether because it is rooted in fear.

It means to be apprehensive or vengeful out of fear of being replaced by someone else. This is the one that is most dangerous because it can destroy great relationships and feed toxic ones.

Yet, isn’t all of that just an attachment to things? Things, of course, will come into our lives and leave us at some point. Also, isn’t it better to share the love than to hord it?

I’m curious about your thoughts on envy and jealousy.

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