January 2019 – A BEAR’s Journal

Dear Journal,

Here’s what I learned during January of 2019 on social media.

Let’s start with LinkedIn, It appears there are many people who like to come on and tell us that they’ve been away from social media for a few weeks, are glad to be back in the groove, then we don’t hear from them again until February or possibly March.

Oh, I’m almost to 800 followers on my LinkedIn business page  You might be asking why are business pages important? Well, if you ever want to advertise it has to be done via a business page. Building that up now is important. Just remember eventually every social media platform monetizes. Don’t expect massive post and video views to continue without eventually paying some money. Hey, they gotta eat and it is their platform.

If you have a business page that you’d like me to follow please let me know what it is.

On Twitter, I learned that Mark Hammil and Ice T are super cool. They like some of my Tweets. I’ve also learned that Elon Musk and Gary V have not yet donated to help support the film – Social Media Does Not Have to Suck!

I encouraged them both to grab some of the $5 perks – times must be tough for them. Oh, and if you follow me I’ll be doing more retweeting this month. I’m sure one of them will eventually grab a perk.

Speaking of GoFundMe perks several people seem to be enjoying the new $75 perk. Where you get two hours of one-on-one content creation development, coaching, strategy, monetization tips, or content development.

On Facebook, I learned that groups and business pages can be fun. I’m thinking a FB live soon. Maybe an ABA – Ask Bobby Anything. If you’ve got questions send them my way.

I’m still scared of Instagram and Pinterest

If you’re reading this blog, what did you learn in January of 2019?

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