Meeting Real People Online

I just wanted to highlight the power of meeting real people online. LinkedIn may be one of the best places for this if you’re interested in making honey in business or looking for a honey making job.

With this in mind, I figured it would be smart to suggest some people that you should connect with and you can tell them, Bobby the Bear sent you.

Let’s start with John Troemel he’s a business technology coach from Wisconsin. Check out his LinkedIn profile and get to know him today.

Carolyn Kiel hosts the Beyond 6 Seconds podcast, which features the extraordinary stories of everyday people. Carolyn interviews people who are starting their businesses, giving back to their communities, and working with exciting new technologies to advance our world. Each episode explores how people make significant changes in their lives or overcome enormous challenges to achieve their goals and make the world a better place. Subscribe to the podcast at the web link below (or on your favorite podcast player) and prepare to get inspired and get connected to the most remarkable people you haven’t met yet!

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One of my favorite people to chat with on a regular basis is Dan O’Grady. He’s wicked smart, funny, and loves to play guitar.

In a content-filled world, the ability to make a meaningful connection with their audience is vital to businesses of all sizes. I collaborate with entrepreneurs, founders and firms to make their big ideas relatable and straightforward, equipping them with soft skills to deliver their message and make an impact.

You can check out his Bobby the Bear interview

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Who are some of the favorite people that you’ve met on LinkedIn. Give them some love in the comments.

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